How to register on Dungesons-Treasures online game, which pays to play?

It is really easy. You just need to enter the site and go to register.

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English and French version

Well, Dungeons-Treasures has two languages versions! It's first French version and the second English version. We can earn money on every of that sites. And! We can also have multiple accouns there, on every version of this game.

But, our next accounts on that sites can't be self-referred. So you can regster all accounts using links from this website!

Have a lot of fun and earn a lot of real money!

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The games and bonus

- What are the games bonus ?
The jackpot, treasure chests, and tombola. You can play in exchange of some star points for games (except the free treasure chests, that you can play in exchange of one click).

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The Joust

- How can I take down my adversary at the joust ?
You must aim the whole time of course on your adversary, the shield or the left shoulder or the head. You must only use the mouse without clicking. You can use the training mode to practice. Please note, that higher level you are the easier it is to take down down your adversary.

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